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Once Loved - longlisted for the BBC Writers Room

ever closer...

This story of the choices between responsibility and duty, passionate abandon and nurturing commitment, is sustained with good solid characters, muscular dialogue and an urgency in the writing. It is at heart a straight-forward tale of Jimmy, Mac, and Ruby; and the dawning of 'settling down'. By cutting between them eight years ago and now there is both a poignancy and mystery discovered by the audience in that passing of time.

My Tumblr followers will know that my last Theatre West venture didn't make the cut. But I finished the script anyway and sent it to the BBC Writers Room - I was delighted when it made it to the Longlist. It didn't get any further but it was a minor success for the year - you can see what they said about it above. Still a couple of irons in the fire for that play and considering producing it next year - watch this space.

In the meantime I'm working on another stage-play - working title 'Superhero' - keep an eye on my Tumblr blog for updates.

A film, a play, a video and an opportunity

Maybe next time they really will get it right...

Your world is falling apart, the love of your life is in someone else's arms, you have debts you can't pay and a habit you can't lose. The dreams you had when you were young have fallen flat like a sick joke. Your life is slowly killing you one day at a time but they will always be there, singing their song, because they have to. It's all they can do. It's all anyone can do. You are here. You are alive. You will keep on. If only someone would take the time to stop and listen...

It's been a while since I've updated the website but I've been working hard writing. I've produced a screenplay for a short-film, half-way through a full-length stage-play and contemplating a second novel. I have also been asked to submit a treatment and ten pages of script for Theatre West's A-Z of Bristol season - you can read all about it on my micro-blog - there's a video to watch, character break-down to read and even a sneak-preview snippet of the first draft. There's also an opportunity to watch all the ten minute scripts read by professional actors for free at The Brewery Theatre - and you get the chance to vote for your favourite, thereby influencing which scripts will make it through to full production, as well as providing feedback to the writers. Get involved and take the opportunity to get the theatre on stage that you want to see.

You're going to miss me when I'm gone - a reading

Maybe next time they'll get it right...

Imagine the child you've always wanted turns up at your door. Imagine he's a man, the child of a woman not your wife. Imagine your wife doesn't know. Now imagine that man is sleeping with your wife. Would you want him then? Would you welcome him? Would you miss him when he's gone?

An opportunity to see a reading of 'You're Going To Miss Me When I'm Gone' at the Alma Tavern Theatre on Friday September 30th before it goes global. Tickets now available from the Theatre West website. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

You're going to miss me when I'm gone - a play

A return to the source...

Like all the best ideas, it wasn't mine. I'd had the genesis of a play in my head for a long time. It kept bugging me to the point where I just had to write it. I had a venue (The Alma Tavern Pub Theatre) and a company (Theatre West) in mind when writing it and upon completion I sent it to them. I heard nothing. Then I got an email invitation to enter their Picture This project – 50 writers pick a photograph from a bucket and write ten pages of dialogue and a treatment based on their picture. The pages get read by actors in front of a panel of judges and eight treatments get picked for development. Of those eight (or nine as it's turned out to be) 5 will get a full production in Theatre West's autumn season, and the remainder get a rehearsed reading.

I worked that treatment and ten pages and I've got through to the next round – which means at the very least 'You're Going To Miss Me When I'm Gone' will get a rehearsed reading, at best a full production. Needless to say I'm excited. I've got until the 25th of July to finish the script. Holidays have been cancelled and schedules have been cleared. You can all come and see the product of my work in the Autumn. I might even buy you a drink.

There is something about the sea, something calming, as if confronted with that immense and undeniable swell of indifference there is reassurance in our insignificance - a place where even the biggest issue can appear lessened, somewhere someone whose world has fallen apart might go to make a decision - do I step into the sea and disappear or do I return to the land and face the reality of my life? I didn't see him at first, small and central, not only dwarfed by the landscape but by the photo itself, but he was there - a character with the genesis of a story - a young man who decides to find his father, a father who doesn't even know he exists, a father who conceived him when married to a woman not his mother. Not a story about the sea, but a story about fathers, sons and lovers, a story about the search for meaning and purpose and truth, and how a seemingly insignificant event can have devasting consequences.

And I've still got the original play looking for a home – 'The Spirit of Stuart Sutcliffe' if anyone is interested...

The Chicken Factory - a novel

And of course, the future cult-classic still in need of a publisher.

On a journey through despair, love, violence and death Jack discovers you can't kidnap someone else's idea of truth, you have to find your own.
Telling your boss where to stick his job and then burning the company car isn't the best way to react when you discover your wife is having an affair with a bloke from work. Running away to stay with a friend who isn't friendly anymore isn't sensible either. Sleeping with that old friend's best friend's girlfriend isn't wise, but stealing the best friend's car and using it to commit a violent crime is surely madness.

But when your actions cause someone to burn to death, you know you've gone too far.

Your wife thinks you're a missing person.

Your friend thinks you're a murderer.

The police think you're a terrorist.

You're probably all three.

But worse than that, the girl of your dreams doesn't want to know.

Jack's got no money, no home, and a bad case of misanthropy. On a journey through despair, love, violence and death he discovers that you can't kidnap someone else's idea of truth, you have to find your own. Yeah, there's more to life than marriage, a car, a mortgage and a job, but not much more. So go back, face the music, learn to love - but most of all, learn to live.